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  5. Грузия. Батуми август 2016 Отдых в Грузии

  6. Отдых в Грузии Батуми - современный, красивый, гостеприимный грузинский город. В этом видео можно увидеть красоты не только Батуми, но и Грузии в целом. Тбилиси.Путешествие по Грузии на автомобиле-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------►МОЙ САЙТ:►МОЙ ТЕЛЕФОН: 8 495 969-16-82-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------►МОЙ АДРЕС: г. Москва, Садовая-Спасская, дом 12/23 стр.2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------►МОЙ КАНАЛ:►МОЙ ИНСТАГРАМ -►МОЙ FACEBOOK -►МОЙ ВК - -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------►Деловое сотрудничество: .

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  7. Хабаровск - Москва, Ту-204, 22.01.2012

  8. 22.01.2012, Владивосток Авиа, Рейс: XF 448, Самолет: Ту-204Аэропорт вылета: Хабаровск-Новый (UHHH, KHV, ХБР)Аэропорт прибытия: Москва-Внуково (UUWW, VKO, ВНК)- .

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  11. Real Estate in Batumi is a Great Investment

  12. People from all over the world are flocking to Batumi because real estate here is a great investment. Batumi is a highly unique and extremely attractive market for income seeking real estate investors. The average vacation property in Batumi produces 15% to 30% annual return on total investment. It is quite common for people to get back 100% of their financial investment in 5 years or less. Batumi consistently produces one of the highest rates of return in the entire world for real estate investors. Compared to an average annual ROI (return on investment) of 8% in the USA, or 9% in Europe, or 7% in much of Asia, the average 20% annual ROI experienced in Batumi Georgia is almost are many ways to make a great real estate investment in Batumi. You can move to Batumi and go through the process in person, and even market and manage the property yourself. You can travel to Batumi for the purpose of buying a property and then hire people to finish it and manage it for you after you return to your home country. Or, you can select, purchase, own, and manage your properties without ever even coming to Georgia.At Batumi Paradise, the great majority of our client investors have never even been to Georgia. Much less Batumi. Most of them have done the entire real estate investment process remotely. They contacted us online, had virtual meetings with our investment advisors, took virtual tours of properties, and made design and construction choices remotely.No matter how you prefer to do it, you should definitely consider the opportunity to make a great real estate investment in Batumi. In person or remotely, Batumi Paradise can help you with the entire .

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